3.3.2021, Fabrica Research Center, IT
Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday 3 March from 3 to 4pm CET, me & Petri Saarikko will hold an online lecture entitled “Reconnecting people: resets and remedies”. The presentation covers our recent projects with diverse communities around the world. Title suggests exploring communal narratives paramount to tolerant society. Grounding our work to anti-racist creativity and indigeneity, artistic collaborations portray strategies to stitch back together growing gap of separation among people. Their presentation touches briefly an early social media project called “United People” which their team invented and partly implemented in Fabrica 2000-2001.


The interview with me and Moroccan artist M'Barek Bouhchichi is about our first collaboration commissioned by MACAAL in Marakkech, the Finnish Institute in Paris and gallery Lokal in Helsinki. Our sculptural work is inspired by NourbeSe Philip's book length poem Zong!. Read the interview from here.


27.1.2021, 8 pm, Kunstinstituut Melly
Today is the launch of Kunstinstituut Melly at 8 pm Rotterdam time. The launch includes their artistic program and brand new visual identity. Sign up!
Kunstinstituut Melly is the new name of the art institution formerly known as the Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art which went through years of extensive research and development with the community. It was an honor to join and contribute to their international advisory committee. All about the name change here.

My extensive solo exhibition tour YOU NAME IT will launch there on April 9th (until 22.8.2021). The exhibition is curated by Rosa de Graaf in collaboration with The Power Plant assistant curator Justine Kohleal. The tour is arranged and produced by The Power Plant - Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto (Gaëtane Verna) and Autograph in London (Mark Sealy). The exhibition is going to be accompanied by a large book including my entire body of work as part of  Demounting Louis Agassiz with several dedicated critical texts.