During a two month summer artist residency at the Neue Shed art space in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, Sasha Huber extended her body of work Demounting Louis Agassiz with a performative installation piece. The exhibition took place during 7.9.–18.10.2013.

The resulting first solo exhibition in Switzerland combines Huber’s existing and newly expanding works. Works consist of a series of commissioned photographs (Evidence, 2013) and video installation work (My Racism is a Humanism. A lecture, 2013). Huber continues her series of haunting staple works mimicking places named after Louis Agassiz with a performed and screened lecture on his impersonated convictions.

German press text here.

Installation photography by Christian Schwager. Breitling replica

The Prototype
In collaboration with Petri Saarikko
295 x 242 x 317 x 405 x 552 cm

Agassiz Column 85 feet (25 m), Yosemite, CAL. (left), Agassiz Basin, North Woodstock, N.H. (right)
90 x 140 cm
Metal staple on construction plywood.

Mixed traces series #1 and #2  
Furnas de Agassiz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien (left) and Mont Vully, Murten, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2013 (right).
66 x 48 cm

Selection of the Rentyhorn installation, 2008.