11.10.-10.12.2020, Black Lives Matter, Artivist Lab, Prague
Together with Petri Saarikko I was invited to have our first solo exhibition in Prague at the Artivist Lab space. The exhibition including our video work Black Lives Matter Due to the pandemic and lock-down in Prague, we were not able to transport nor travel to set up and give an artist talk and to meet the community on location. Because of this, the exhibition was documented in video introduced by the gallery director and curator artist Tamara Moyzes. Additionally, there was also an online event as part of Festival 4x4 Days together with Yemi A.D. and moderated by Zeynab Gueye, Isaac Herron.


21.9.2020, Advisory Committee, Rotterdam
The institution formerly known as the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam has announced that they will rename the institution. The name change initiative involves: (a) acknowledgement; (b) research; (c) community building; and (d) public participation. The initiative is designed to delve into dissonant heritage. It emphasizes the role that art institutions like theirs have in society to foster mutual understanding. On 14 June 2020, they announced that the new name of the institution will come into effect on 27 January 2021. The institutions director Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy invited me to become a member of the Advisory Committee of their institution’s Name Change Initiative. The committee included a group of artists, curators, academics and cultural practitioners that are considered our institutional and local stakeholders, as well as from our international network.
View the timeline, from 2017 to date, on the debates of the name and the work they have been doing to meaningfully change our institution. > Timeline


CONTEMPORARY& online art journal interviewed me as part of their The Nordics: Out of the Shadows series. It is about Afro-Scandinavian artists which are embracing their layered histories and identities in their work. The interview was made by Sheila Feruzi and titled: Sasha Huber: Honoring Lost Memories


26.2.2020, 6:30 pm, The Globe and Mail Center
The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto, CA invited me to their annual Face to Face event as Autumn 2021 exhibiting artist to join the conversation between artist Shona Illingworth together with renowned curator and art consultant Jessica Bradley to discuss our lived experiences carving out space in an industry with a limited and limiting history. 


13.1.2020, MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma
Short interview about my work and The Firsts portrait of Edmonia Lewis made in Rome as part of the Suomingorgo - ASILO cooperation at MACRO in Italian, English and Finnish by Paola Brigaglia. Grazie! Thank you! Kiitos!  Photo: Giorgio Sacher/Macro ASILO.

Artist talk as part of AGASSIZ (ALL) OVER, my first solo exhibition (10.1.–1.3.2020) in Denmark at Gallerie IMAGE in Aarhus, curated Beate Cegielska.
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